March 17 – 18 Last of the Leprechauns

Extreme Tactics / Extreme Rage Of Ft Myers Florida will be hosting there 2nd Scenario Event on March 17-18.   Please come out and support our friends at this event as the new owners are working VERY hard to make this field a premiere field that we really needed in South West Florida.  LockOn will be attending in full force!!! Lets do it!

Join the Event on facebook HERE

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Feb 11,12 Paintball Partyz – Spartan 300 , The Alamo

Come join us for this weekend scenario!!!  As always the 2nd weekend of the month you will find LockOn playing at Paintball Partyz supporting one of our favorite fields.

Join the Event on Facebook HERE

Visit for prices, location, etc!!!

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Hatfield & McCoy

Come Join Team LockOn Down at Extreme Rage Paintball Park For there first scenario!!!

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Jan 7-8 Risk and Road To Baghdad Event

Team LockOn attended . Along with many other teams from around the State.   Celtic Paintball, Sabotage, Team Who, SFP, War Dogs, Dmented, Vandals, Team Extreme, Fade To black, and more..    for a total of 135 players.

Saturday Risk Event :

This event is a very strategic game.  It takes lots of out of the box thinking.  In such that I know Dmented Gave the vandals extra points forcing them to take an early lead which prevented them from assimilating all day.  Dmented and LockOn Were tied for 2nd most of the day constantly equaling out the score.  and taking over the lowest scoring teams at the same time.. it just ended up bad for us trying to assimilate.  Finally Dmented and Team Extreme both assimilated a team each.  now there are 2 teams that are extremely large against 2 smaller teams.   and the way it worked out was LockOn was in the lead at the end of the game. until team Extreme picked 3 cannons out of the deck letting them score a last minute 30 points putting them 20 or so points ahead of us :(  it was a long day of strategy and back and forth battles..   Team LockOn had Team who and SFP with them.  We fought like the Spartans did.. and lost as well.   Grats guys it was one hell of a battle and LockOnenjoys Playing paintball with both teams..

Grats Team Extreme From Miami for winning this event for there 2nd time!!!

Sunday Road To Baghdad :

Honestly I was mentally and physically drained lol I was just out here to shoot and attempt to win.  I was not in command thankfully because it ended up being a big cluster F***.  We tried hard but were just outgunned and cornered.   First half of the day I played with my gun.. then I said forget it and switched to my rocket launcher for the rest of the day .  Which I must say I had so much fun lol.  Laying in the ditch of the lake keeping an eye on there tank.  as they manned there walking tank i would jump up and shoot the players out.  It was great because my true goal was to shoot my friend Miles from team who  with my rocket launcher.. I took him out with it and was happy lol…. then a few lockon members and 2 others decided to walk the border of the field to get behind the enemy… 20 min later or 30 i dont know it was a long walk with no enemies.  We came up behind there objective the yellow base.  All 3 tanks were in the base with 8 players+   we crawled through the high dead grass to get close to the base and my teammate yells for a ref to paint check in order to let him know we were about to shoot the rocket… btw We werent shot at yet LOL.  So they ask for a 3 count and as were spread out in the brush I hear my teamate start the count down and I air up the launcher and on 3 I stand up and slam a rocket right into the side of the base……..   all 3 tanks out along with the players… Jimmy did shoot out 3 before the rocket got there just to keep them in the base lol…    it was all fun.

We got dominated by the opposing team but we had a good time and thats all that matters


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Most Valuable Team Award!!!


Hell yeah we were just awarded the most valuable team Award from Last months scenario Swamp Zombies.   Id like to thank all the members of LockOn that were able to make it as well as team SFP  You can read about the adventures in my previous posts but a 10 vs 40 and we won the event against all odds.




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Old School Paintball Video

Ok this video will be going on 10 years old in January!!  In this video from the current team Lockon You will see  Matt, Randy, and Alex !! spot us!!!

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Paintball Partyz Januarty 7-8 Event

Come Join Team LockOn for the Entire Weekend At Paintball Partyz in Punta Gorda Florida.   We will be camping across the street from the staging area and it will be hard to miss us so come by and say hi!

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Team LockOn victory – Swamp Zombies

Game 3 –  I will admit I cant remember it at this point.  I know we captured 4 of the objectives but the zombies scored quite a bit as well..   The points were close enough to where they still had a small lead over us.

Game 4 Recap (final Game)

This game it just started to rain a little bit and as our 12 guys stood under the canopy in red base already amped up and ready to go dominate the Red team and zombies.   Keith broke out a proposition “thinking yeah right they wont do it” he promised LockOn and the other guys on the team of age a free beer if we captured all 6 objectives and won this game in heroic fashion!!

The game Starts after 5 min of waiting for the rain to slow.  And just like when we started here before I take LockOn down the tape line (they followed this time)  We get up behind the zombies and instantly a teammate is running to the yellow base to grab the 2 objectives.. As we send another in to get the zombie kids out of the cave half way between the yellow base and the zombie’s tower.  Objectives retrieved and already on the run back within 5 minutes.  This time Red is actually attacking the zombies well and fully surrounded the fort.  I had been able to sneak up within 30 feet of the tower while loosing most of my team and contact with them due to rain and being deep in enemy territory.  My teammate Jimmy dives back for cover straight into 2 red players as I hear heavy gunfire where he dove I could not see through the cover.  I wait patiently for a minute to see them crawling up.. then for some reason they stood up and double kill for me and my pump.. awesome.. now to focus on the tower.. I have red putting heavy supressing fire on them so I sit back and take a few random shots waiting on my team to get back from insertion.  about 20 min pass’s with no sign and a few more kills.  Then I hear Jimmy at the zombie tower. I couldn’t see him due to rain and fogging mask but he was there saying he had the last 2 objectives and Hes running towards the tape line.  .. Then I hear a barrage of automatic fire behind me so I dive for cover and turn to get lit up by a red player who circled around.. no big deal I was thinking to myself.. he didn’t see the rest of my team making the move back to our home base to drop off the last 2 objectives.   As I get off the field and walking the road down back towards the staging area I see our entire team off the field and jimmy at the end of the road arms in the air and yelling…. I knew at that point we had won.. and there were technically still 10 minutes to go but we all decided to go get our beer and start the celebration of a hard fought dominate victory put on by LockOn and the other team who I promise I will get there team name next event.

Keith always has a shoot off with the winning team in order to give away a top shot trophy.  He asked me to pick a player on the team to give it to.  Knowing I had over 60 kills myself with only 300 rounds of paint.  I wanted to say me.  But I did not.  Knowing the fact that if not for the team and players that LockOn got to play with that day Our victory would never of turned out that good.  All of the 12 players that played with us played to there peak performance in order to pull this win off and I thanked everyone of them.  And I told keith there is no way to choose. and to just let us shoot for it like normal.  And he agreed.  So the shoot out for the trophy goes and using the alien paintball gun of Jimmys im not used to the backspin. So my shot us just barely over the target. only 2 hit the target 5 gallon bucket at about 40 feet.  Jimmy and another guy from the other team (will get names)  so the target now gets harder by adding a coke can on top of the bucket.  Jimmy misses and the other guy smacks the can dead center..  LockOn did not get the trophy but we all were just as excited for the other guy because they deserved it as well.

LockOn Would like to thank for this great event as well as the other guys that played with us on the white team!!!

LockOn Captain

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Team LockOn victory – Swamp Zombies

Game 2 Recap

Ok so game 2 we switch starting bases with the Red Team!  were now in a much better position to capture the objectives fast.

Strategy-  since Red was a MUCH larger team by by about 30 players we Decide they can go and harass the zombies at the tower as they would encounter them before we would. A small group of 3 guys (great players) I sent straight towards the enemy base in order to get quick kills and to eliminate a lot of players on re entry.  LockOn was to follow me down the tape line and get behind the zombies asap and capture the first objectives in the yellow base.  The other 5 of our white team was to go and cut off the other team half way between there start position and the zombies.

Start-  The game starts as I take point running hard and push straight for the tape line to get there.  Well i turn around and wow Im solo.  ok so what I push hard running the entire way.  Mind you the zombies got 3 more members trying to balance the last game.  so I get to where i just have to cross a trail and get the first objectives.  I look and theres a zombie on the trail I run he spots me and I dive into the yellow base  and up immediately looking for him..  just like a zombie he disappeared. Great..  So I untie the radio(it was the size of an old school vhs deck)  and grab the Xray tray which was a 4 foot tall x 2 foot piece of aluminum. and I had my pump gun.. not going to be easy.   I look out and dont see anything.  I put the aluminum in my right hand to use it as a shield and radio and gun in the left.  pre loaded 1 shot.    I make the move and run out as I hear the signature sound of an ego and loud pops of paint hitting the shield.. im fumbling around with all this stuff in my hand I was able to run about 25 yards before I decided I have to make a stand.  so i drop the radio lean the aluminum onto me as i take knee and find this guy thats just unloading on me.  I see him advance to within 15 feet of me and flanking right.. I pop out to shoot miss… ok pump and again.  KILL.. (has to be a headshot to kill zombies).  I gather up the junk again and continue to the tapeline and start huffing back… I was winded hard.  luckily a teammate saw me and I was able to ask for help carrying all the shit.  10 points Immediately !! awesome.. now to get the other MUCH harder objectives.

We start Realizing Red is not doing what we hoped and they are being slaughtered by us and the zombies.  so we continue attempting to press the zombies from the tape line forcing them to watch there back.  this goes on for a long time of constant sneaking and killing reds as we advance and doing what we can to get behind them.   We come to an open field leading straight to the zombies.  Ok so only choice is to make a risk that could pay off very well.  I make the call to sprint across the open field into the high grass / brush on the other side.  Must say worst call all day.  I take off and find out the ground is rough and holes everywhere.  I roll my ankle hard to where I faceplanted.. I decided to lay there as my team came up trying to defend the location we were all eliminated as I make the long walk back.. Its bad… swollen, Black & Blue, and KILLING.  All I can think of I’m Done for this Event!.

Zombie – Scored 35 Total 43
White – Scored 10 Total 30
Red – Scored 0 Total 10

games 3 and 4 to come.. 4 IS THE BEST

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Dye gun techs

Not only are 2 of our team members PSP refs.(David and Josh).   Today 3 of us attended a dye tech class with Rocky from dye.   Randy,Josh, and Matt are all certified to work on dye and proto guns.  So if anyone needs help or a repair of there dye/proto marker contact us to help…

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